Policies & Terms of Service

Policies & Terms of Service

Bushes and Trees
Maintenance service includes trimming the bushes as needed to maintain a well-manicured appearance. We are not responsible for any dead plants. For tree trimming, the maintenance plan includes pruning the trees six feet from off the ground. Tree trimming and thinning more than six feet off the ground is an extra cost, please call or email to find out if we offer these services.

Maintenance service includes mowing and edging the grass at every visit. We are not responsible for any dead grass. Re-seeding and fertilizing the lawn can be done for an additional fee. Weeds found in the lawn can be treated for an additional cost and are not included in the maintenance service.

Winter Grass
Winter lawn is seeded during the month of October.  Winter lawn installation includes scalping the grass, applying perineal rye overseed along with a fertilizer treatment.  The germination period for winter seed is typically two weeks, we will make all necessary adjustments to the watering system during this time and we request that you limit the traffic on the lawn.  Depending on the thickness and thatch of your grass we may recommend de-thatching the lawn to help aid in the germination of the winter seed.   Winter lawn overseed is an additional fee and not included in the maintenance plan.  Please call or email for a free price quote.

Maintenance service includes adjusting the irrigation watering times according to the season.  We are not responsible for checking your irrigation system on a regular basis; if you need it checked, please let us know.  Any irrigation leaks or repairs will be done for an additional cost.  Broken sprinklers can be replaced or repaired at an extra cost as well.

Maintenance service includes spraying the weeds in the dirt and gravel areas at every visit. Maintenance service does not include pulling the weeds but weeds that are taller than six inches will be removed. The weed killer contains a colored dye to help us see where we are spraying; this dye will dissipate within a few days. If severe weeds problems occur we may recommend a pre-emergent treatment. Maintenance service does not include pre-emergent treatment; this is offered at an additional cost. Pre-emergent herbicides do not kill any existing weeds; it is used for preventive maintenance of weeds. Pre-emergent herbicide prevents the seed of the weed from germinating and is typically effective for up to four months. It also contains a colored dye that usually fades away on it’s own within a few days.

Pets and Gates
It is helpful if all pets can be indoors at the time of your regular maintenance service.  We are not responsible for any lost or injured pets but we do take necessary precautious to prevent this from happening.  We are extremely cautious to close gates as we enter and exist a gated area; we also tug on the gate to make sure it is secure.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard therefore you agree to accept our service with this in mind.

Cancellation Policy
We do not require contracts; therefore you can cancel your service at anytime without a cancellation fee.  However, if you do not cancel within 24 hours prior to the day of your service you will still incur a service fee for that visit and will be responsible to pay your account in full at time of cancellation.  Failure to pay your bill on time according to your payment schedule will result in a late fee and can be subject to cancellation.  If a balance has been outstanding for 30 days or more, the service will be canceled immediately until payment is made in full.  If your service has been canceled due to non-payment, we must receive the payment in full in order to resume service.  It is your responsibility to notify us if you want to start service again, we will not automatically restart service once your account balance is paid in full.  Please note reactivation of service may be subject to a clean up fee and payment for that service will be due upon completion.

Billing and Payment Policy
All invoices will be emailed or mailed to the address we have on file.  Billing due dates are set up for the first or the fifteenth of each month and payment is due according to that date.  Failure to make payment on time will result in a $10 late fee charge.  We accept payment by cash, check and credit card.  For your convenience we offer online payment through PayPal, you do not have to have a PayPal account to pay online.  You can also call our office at 480-209-2548 to pay your bill over the phone or to set up a recurring payment plan.  Automatic or recurring payments will be charge to the credit card on file for the balance due of the invoice according to the payment due date selected by you.  If you need to make changes to the recurring payment plan, please contact us 24 hours prior to the payment due date.

For one-time clean ups or any other one-time service, payment is due upon completion of the service.  Invoices will either be emailed or hand delivered upon service completion and payment by cash, check and/or credit card is accepted.  Failure to pay for service within two business days of completion will be subject to a $10 late fee. 

Maintenance Policy and Service Times
We cannot guarantee a set time for every maintenance service due to our routing system; however, if you call the day of your service we can give you an estimated time of arrival.  Maintenance service cannot be skipped unless it is changed from a weekly to bi-weekly service plan.  If it is necessary for you to skip a service then there may be an extra charge on the following visit.  If maintenance includes the back yard, the gate needs to be unlocked on the scheduled service day.  If the gate is locked and there is no access to the back yard, we will knock on the door; if no answer than the front yard service will be completed and regular charges will apply.  If you request a visit to have the back yard serviced before your next scheduled maintenance day, there will be a $25 trip charge.

Satisfaction Guaranteed and Referral Program
We guarantee our customer satisfaction.  If you are not completely satisfied with our service please contact us within two days so we can fix the problem at no additional cost to you.  If you do not contact us within the time frame allotted then we are no longer responsible for the problem.  We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and rely on our customers for feed back and referrals, any referral from a previous or existing customer, that results in a new customer account, will be given a referral credit to use towards your next landscape service.  We appreciate all referrals and positive feedback online.  Please write a review online to share with others how satisfied you were with our service.

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